Repairs & Upgrades

one time pool cleaning

Motors & Pumps

Pool pump making a funny noise? Not sucking in water? Sucking in AIR? Let the guys at Pureblue Pools give it a look. We’ll be able to diagnose the issue quickly and get you back on your way to enjoying your pool.

Dirty Pool Filter

Filters & Cartridges

Have a sand filter and thinking about moving to a cartridge filter? Maybe the other way around? Let us know and we’ll not only give you the information you need to make a switch… We’ll switch it for you!

Robotic Pool Cleaner Repair

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Technology isn’t just for computers anymore. PureBlue will be more than happy to showcase several robotic pool cleaners to you or help you with yours if you already have one.

Pool Liner Installation

New Vinyl Liner

Get a brand new look without ever leaving home. We bring patterns and samples to you, provide an all inclusive estimate, schedule a pool measurement, and an install date.


Pool Lights

The pinnacle of form and function, pool lights add ambiance to your pool while simultaneously making swimming in the late afternoon immeasurably safer. Let our guys professionally install pool lights into your pool today!


Salt SYstems

Convert salt into chlorine, cutting maintenance time and lowering chemical costs. These systems pay for themselves in a season or two and are installed in just a few hours.



There are dozens of potential ways for you to upgrade or revamp your pool. Most of those rely on certain variables, pool type, pool size, etc. To get a good idea of what we can do for you, give us a call at (423)645-1804 and schedule an appointment today!